Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And so it begins

The biggest storm to hit Utah since 2001, at least according to predictions.  And at this moment, I'm inclined to believe them.  The storm hit about thirty minutes ago, and already my window in the computer room looks like this:

(ignore my reflection)

The weatherman made scary enough predictions that my office let us all leave two hours early.  Which is pretty much unheard of.  They love holding us captive, er, making sure we keep productive.  Of course, since you already know that we were having Thanksgiving at work today, you've probably already guessed that we weren't being very productive.  Oh, and guess who won the roll competition?  Yep, I did!  I rule!  Ok, so maybe I was the only one who brought in homemade rolls, but whatever, I still win.

Anywho, me and the husband are hunkered in for the long haul.  I've already told my boss that I won't be driving in tomorrow until the roads are clear, and the husband gets to work from home.  Now if only I was ovulating. . . . hehe

And on that note, let me assure you that I will probably slap the first person who says "Boy, can't wait to see how many babies we get in 9 months"


  1. I expect a full report of the snow tally :) I LOVE storms like that!

  2. Here from ICLW :) Out here in the East its been chilly, but its hard to imagine a snow storm! Best wishes for you moving forward.

  3. I read your profile and it sounds like we have a lot in common. I hear ya about the winter snow storm shut in comment. I bought this bday card for my husband. There are 3 kids on the cover. One says, my mommy said love made me. the second reads, my mommy said Go.d made me. The third, my mommy said I came from a fifth of jack and a snowstorm.
    even though a snowstorm will never bring me a baby that's kinda funny.
    Happy ICLW.
    Following you now.

  4. We got some interesting weather bad you weren't ovulating..but practicing is always fun..oh and a great way to stay warm....happy ICLW

  5. My hubby's family lives in SLC area and has been keeping us updated on the weather! Doesn't it seem to be snowing really early, or is it just me?! I'm in Washington State and we've got big huge flakes coming down right now! Just another reason to stay hunkered down on the couch with the hubbs and the animals! Happy ICLW!