Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spoiled? Yes. But also incredibly grateful.

I had a baby shower last Saturday.  It was beautiful and fantastic and so surreal.  I couldn't believe how many people were there to help me celebrate my little miracle.

My friend threw the shower, and it was so well put together.  I'm still waiting on pictures to be emailed to me, but when I have them I'll make sure to post some.  I swear this friend could be a party planner (I don't know why I was so surprised actually. . . .She was the one who planned my wedding, and it was fabulous as well!)

When my friend was planning the shower she asked about what I would and would not like.  The only rule I gave her?  To not be too baby focused.  I know, tough rule.  But the infertile that's still inside me couldn't stand that my shower might hurt someone else.

All together, it was a nice shower.  No dorky baby shower games (although there were games), the food was wonderful (so they tell me, I just ate the watermelon), and the people who showed up made me smile.

I'll post pictures when I get them.

Oh, and as to why I'm spoiled?  This shower was one of three.  My next shower is July 16, and the final shower is August 5th.  Yeah, I'm spoiled, but so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be spoiled!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on the Gestational Diabetes

About a month ago I failed my 1 hour GD test.  And I realized that I haven't updated you guys on what's happened since then.

The following week I took my 3 hour test.  Longest 3 hours of my life.  The glucose drink was thicker and sweeter then it was for the 1 hour test.  It was hard to drink, and hard to keep down the first hour of the test.  Overall, the test wasn't as bad as I'd feared or as good as I'd hoped.  But I survived it.

When I received the results, I had failed the second hour blood draw, but passed the other three.  So I'm now on a "we'll just pretend like you have gestational diabetes, even though you didn't completely fail the 3 hour test" diet.  The only plus side to this, is that if I feel like I must cheat (like with the really yummy cupcake at my shower Saturday) I don't feel horrible. 

Otherwise, I'm cutting way back on sugar and carbs, and have been told to increase my protein substantially.  Boo.  Me and protein have not been friends throughout this pregnancy.  I can't say that I've had many cravings other than watermelon, but I have definitely had aversions, and anything with meat has been unable to be eaten.  But I'm sucking it up in the name of a healthier me and a healthier baby.

At my last check up appointment the doctor had me eat a normal lunch and come in two hours later to have my blood sugar tested.  And it was normal.  Now he wants me to do it again at my next appointment in two weeks.  Hopefully all is well that time too.

So short version: I don't have gestational diabetes, but I'm pretending I do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I knew that pregnancy came with it's own special kind of body changes.  I was expecting most of them.  The stretch marks I wear like stripes of accomplishment, even when I whine about them.  The leaky boobs mean that my body is trying to make food for the little one.  The big stomach is her safe haven for the next nine weeks.  I can even get used to the stranger ones, like my normal freckles turning into huge spots, or the itchy rash that I cannot get to leave my elbows.  Honestly, if that's what it takes to make this baby, I'll deal with it!

But then Sunday happened.  And quite honestly, I think I found a pregnancy change that I'm not loving.  I was driving home from The Husbands parents, and I kept getting this hair falling into my eye.  I'd take off my sunglasses, brush my eye, pull my hair back, and then two minutes later, that same hair is back.  Since I was driving, I couldn't find the offender and deal with it, so I waited until we got home and grabbed a mirror to find the evil hair.

It was my eyebrow.  I had a three inch hair growing out of my eyebrow.  WTF?  How is that normal, even pregnancy normal?  And three inches?  I've been walking around with old man hair in my eyebrows for how long?  AACK! 

So, since I'm not going to claim that my body would do something like that without the benefit of pregnancy, we are going to call this a nasty pregnancy symptom, and hope that it never ever comes back.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Things People Say. . .

I've reached a point in my pregnancy where I am obviously pregnant.  I've passed the "Is she just gaining weight? Maybe she's fat" stage and entered into a whole new unknown.  It the place where complete strangers feel it's appropriate to comment on my size, my weight, my tummy roundness, and anything else they can.

The conversation ususally goes something like this:

Stranger: So, when are you due?
Me: August
Stranger: Ooohhhhh (then looks at stomach again)
Me: Yep
Stranger: Are you sure there's just one in there?
Me: Yep (but what I really want to say is some snappy comeback about them making judgments about my weight)
Stranger: That baby's gonna be huge then!
Me: Well the doctor is fine with her growth, so I'm not worried
Stranger then usually lapses into a story about a friends brothers cousins ex wife who had a kid who was huge and how it totally wrecked her body/mind/car etc.

Yeah, thanks stranger.  I find your knowledge about me being pregnant just as helpful as all that information you spouted regarding infertility.  I mean, doesn't everyone trust other peoples advice more than that of their health care provider?

Then last week at work, a male coworker comes up and asks me, "So, how much weight have you gained?"  First off, none of your damn business.  And second, I haven't actually gained any weight.  How do people think that this is an ok question to ask? 

And finally, I have to complain a bit about the little kids in my neighborhood.  Every single time I step outside, one of the brats kids says "Wow, your tummy is HUGE!"  Is it bad of me that I want to respond with something to make them run inside and cry?  Probably.

Honestly though, even though these people annoy me, and I will complain about them (because I'm a top notch complainer, just ask The Husband) a big part of me is thrilled that people are recognizing I'm pregnant.  And if they don't understand exactly how much of a miracle I consider all of this, it's their loss.  Because I'm loving it.