Friday, May 7, 2010


It's Friday Interwebs!!  Yeah for Friday!!

Ok, so here's where I stand in the whole making a baby thing.  I'm pretty sure I ovulated.  But only pretty sure, not 100%.  My OBGYN ordered a progesterone blood draw yesterday when I went in to have my yearly "peek-a-boo" session (aka pap).  He told me the results would be back today.  Which would be awesome, because then I'd know if I should hold out hope that something could have happened this month.

So about 2pm I call in to the office to see if they have the results.  I, of course, have to leave a message (because no one there likes to talk on the phone).  I get a phone call about 4:30pm telling me that she couldn't find the results, so she's sure that means they'll come in Monday.  Sigh.

Now what?  I'll be 12DPO on Sunday.  Do I test then, or wait and see if I ovulated?  Do I want to waste a test if I didn't ovulate? 

I'm so conflicted! 


  1. I REALLY hope this is the month for you!!! I hope you get the Mother's Day you've dreamed of!!!

  2. Arrgh...frustrating doctors...

    I guess the question is - will it stress you out more or less if you test?