Friday, May 14, 2010

A Lighthearted Post!

With all the anxiety and stress I've been blogging about forever lately, I thought I'd throw out a lighthearted story for you!

We moved in to our house two years ago this month (wow, it's gone by fast!) and after unloading everything into the house, I went upstairs to relax.  The area that we moved into has such a small town feel to it (seriously, people wave to strangers, and last week someone we didn't know brought us cookies!) that I felt it was ok to leave the door unlocked during the day. 

So after relaxing a bit, I decide to head downstairs to unpack the kitchen.  And there in the downstairs bathroom, is a little boy, maybe four or five, using my toilet!!  I saw him standing there, and quickly turned away. And this little boy didn't apologize or anything for being in my house.  I heard him zip up his pants, wash his hands and then he told me, matter of factly "My best friend used to live here.  His name was Steve, and we used to play all the time.  My name is Cannon.  Do you have any kids to play with me? Oh you have a dog, I like dogs" at which point he got on the floor and played with Moo.

I stood there shell shocked for a few seconds.  This little boy had walked into my house, used my bathroom, and was now on the floor with my dog.  I had to admire his tenacity!  Who just walks into someones house like that?  Eventually I bribed him out of our house with a popsicle. 

The whole first summer was filled with visits from Cannon, although I did learn to lock my door.  Of course, locking my door led to an unfortunate incident about 9 o'clock at night, when Cannon tried to come in, couldn't, and then banged on the door while screaming "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!".  Me and my hubby turned off all of the lights and t.v. and laid really still until he left.

I also learned a great trick involving otter pops, you know those popsicles inside the plastic tube?  Whenever I wanted Cannon to leave, I'd give him an otter pop and tell him I couldn't find my scissors.  He'd always run home to have his mom cut them open for him. 

Of course, I'm now known as the popsicle lady to all of the little kids in the area.  Good thing otter pops are cheap!

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  1. Love the story. I needed something lighthearted! So does Cannon still visit frequently?