Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am so angry right now.  People are so stupid, callous, idiotic and cruel.

I just spoke with one of the girls I work with.  A guy in her department told her that he is disowning his brother because he is gay.  I guess the brother finally got the courage to come out to his family.  The guy here at work says he doesn't want his brother to have contact with his son, because "he might change him"

Ok, that pissed me off, but people are entitled to their own opinions.  I can mostly respect that.  Here's where I get really mad.  The guy here at work then told the girl I work with about his brother, because his brother is a teacher at her child's school.  He wanted her to know, because he wouldn't want his child to be "around that."

It's one thing to silently disapprove of what a family member does (for the record I see nothing wrong with this guy's brother) but when you go out of your way to make life hard for that family member?  That really angers me.


  1. Oooh, that is not okay!! Why mess with his life? And this the day after Prop 8 was overturned, a huge victory! Ignorance by choice is unforgivable to me in this day and age. Makes me want to get up on my soapbox....grrr.

  2. That's horrible! Absolutely horrible! Really feeling bad for his brother. It's hard enough to have to be gay in this day and age, but then to have his own family try to sabotage him. It's very, very sad. I really hope that this man has some other type of support system in his life, bc his family is no real help at all. It saddens me. :(

  3. You said it best when you said some people are stupid.

  4. Agh that makes me angry too :(

  5. OK, so I tried to post earlier but forgot to enter the captcha code before closing everything out. Anyhow, that has not diffused my anger. This makes me furious and my only hope is that this gentleman who came out can make peace with losing his brother (I think he's better off) and realize it's not his fault.