Friday, August 20, 2010


I just got back from the pharmacy.  Went to pick up my femara and metformin.  Had to explain to the pharmacy tech why I was taking femara.

Me: I'm taking that pill so I can get pregnant.
Idiot: But it's meant for breast cancer.
Me:  Yeah, but I'm not taking it for that.  I'm taking it to induce (hopefully) ovulation so I can get pregnant.
Idiot: Blank Look
Me: See, some of us can't get pregnant so easily.  And we have to use other methods to help us. . .
Idiot: But on your list of prescriptions, it says you are taking birth control pills.
Me: Yeah, I took those last month to shrink some ginormous cysts that I grew from taking the last fertility drug.
Idiot: But won't they counteract each other?
Me: I'm not taking the bc pills anymore.
Idiot: Well I'm going to have to have the pharmacist ok this before I can give them to you.

Seriously?  JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN DRUGS.  Holy hell, I'm pms-ing anyway, and now angry that I have to explain infertility to some fresh faced 19 year old, and now you tell me I have to talk to the pharmacist??!?

Pharmacist:  Tell me yourself why you are taking these drugs.  The tech said it was for fertility treatment?
Me: Yeah, the clomid didn't work and so the doctor moved me to femara.
Pharmacist: Why would he put you on birth control pills if you are trying to get pregnant?
Me: (seriously angry now, but trying to stay polite) He put me on bc pills to help shrink a giant ovarian cyst that grew from the clomid.
Pharmacist: Well I guess since the same doctor prescribed both drugs, he knows what he is doing.  But we'll have to see next month.  You'll have to go in for a follow up visit to your doctor before we can give you more.

I had to sign the thing saying I accepted his counseling (like he knows more than my doctor about infertility?) and they finally handed over the drugs.

And as I type this all out, I'm struck by the thought that I was on bc pills in January when that same pharmacy gave me my clomid.

Hell.  This is all so damn frustrating!


  1. Retarded! Yes, I would think that your doc would know more about you and your case that some guy who just knows your name from a piece of paper that a computer spits out. And I'm fairly certain you'll see your doc again before he writes you another script, just as he saw you when he wrote out this script. So, that pharmacist has himself worried all for nothing. Whatev's. Again, I say it, retarded!

  2. Yeah, trying to explain bcp as a method for getting pg is weird, right? Stupid pharmacist. All my meds came specifically from a fertility pharmacy, so no explanations. But my regular doctors were sooo confused. LOL

  3. How frustrating is that! Shouldn't they just fill in the presription and that's that?! Reminds me of when I went to get some antibiotis and got the lecture about how I needed to be 'extra cautious' as we could get pregnant while taking them and as a 'young' couple they felt they should warn us and they also highlighted that part in the instruction manual! My husband piped up that considering we had just failed our second IVF cycle then we would be happy to get pregnant. Hehe. I guess they were only trying to be helpful but your situation, not so much! Grrr.


  4. WOw... I have never had people be that nosy about my prescriptions. My advice would be next time take your Rx to a different pharmacy where you won't be interrogated.

  5. Gah that sounds so annoying. Can you use a mail order place where you won't have to deal with that?

  6. What the hell? I've never had to deal with that and I went through the same BCP to femara change. The most I got was the stupid tech who every freaking time I went to buy them would say "$250? Geez, don't you have insurance?" And then I'd have to explain that my insurance company doesn't cover it b/c I use it off label.

    What the freak? As a pharmacist, shouldn't you keep up to date on the different uses of some drugs? I would've been super pissed.