Monday, January 11, 2010

Life is so. . .

. . .quick, and precious. I went to a funeral today for a friends father. He was such an amazing man. I really loved and respected him. He was gruff and tough on the outside, but had a heart of gold.

I feel for that friend today, and for her mother. They are going through something I can't begin to imagine. I have lost many friends in my lifetime, and some grandparents, but I don't think it begins to compare with the loss of a parent or a spouse. I know only time will make the pain for them lessen, but that nothing will ever take the loss away from them in this life.

I am not usually an outspoken spiritual person. I don't agree with most religions, but do believe in a God and in an afterlife. I know that this man has gone to a better place, and that one day he will hug his children and his wife again. And that knowledge gives me peace even as my eyes cry tears of sorrow that this man, this wonderful man is gone.

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