Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Did ya miss me? (and a question)

And quite honestly, if you didn't miss me, I don't want to know!

Here's the scoop on why I've been absent blogland for awhile.  Wait, I don't actually have a good reason, so I'll give you a bunch of lame reasons instead.

Work.  Work was really evil and busy and time consuming, and when I got home from work, I just wanted to jump into bed and fall asleep.  Work also had Dingbat, so most night I came home incredibly frustrated and annoyed.

Dingbat.  I've been meaning to blog about her again, and update you on her new level of annoyingness, but I was afraid that if I blogged during the heat of the moment, I'd say something I *might* regret later.  Might.  Probably not.  Anyway, here are Dingbat updates, in no particular order.
  • Dingbat update #1 - Dingbat gave me a long lesson yesterday on why the Second Coming is going to happen SOON.  Her proof?  Cancer and gay people.  I don't know if the news story about Latter Day Saint Apostle Boyd Packer has made it national or not, but it's blown up huge here in Utah.  And Dingbat was using his talk about gays as proof that the world we live in is deteriorating.  Luckily, I let Dingbat live, because although I don't believe in a lot of the things organized religion talks about, I know that other people do, and I'm not going to change their believes anymore than they will change mine.
  • Oh, and cancer.  Yeah, she says that is the incurable disease that bodes "the end of time but not eternity".  Actual quote, btw.  She said "I used to think it was AIDS, but you don't hear about that anymore, so they must have found a cure."  Yeah.
  • I've decided Dingbat has a hearing problem.  Either that, or she has no shame.  She has been walking around and farting for the past week.  Loud ones.  And she doesn't seem fazed by it in the least. 
  • And to tie in the farts to something else. . . .I got back from lunch a few weeks ago and Dingbat wasn't here.  In fact she didn't come back until I'd been back from lunch for two hours.  I welcomed her back when she arrived and tried to go back to work.  But no, she had to tell me where she'd been.  Which was at home.  Changing her clothes.  Because she (and I'm going to quote her again here) "had explosive diarrhea that got all over her pants and shirt" and she'd had to go home and change and shower to come back to work.  I sent a quiet text to my husband to tell him what she told me, and he responded "don't sit in her chair"  Love my hubby!
Another reason for not writing?  I went to a party.  A pirate party.  And everyone had to dress up like pirates or pay the consequences.  The party is an annual tradition for one of our friends.  He does it every year for his birthday, and every year it gets bigger and more fun.  I even went and got one of those slutty grown up pirate costumes for the party.  It was a great party!  I'll post pictures when I get them on my computer.
I've got even more reasons.  Like getting ready to celebrate my anniversary in Las Vegas!  Today is our three year anniversary!  I can't begin to imagine what we've been through in three years, and everything that's changed in our life since we met four years ago.  But that is a post in and of itself, and I'll try to write it before we leave.
Finally, I've got a question for you (and if you've read this far, bravo you!)

I took my last provera pill on September 24.  I got some spotting on September 29, and AF showed up big time on October 5th.  Honestly, this is my worst period ever.  Or at least since the one I had in middle school that lasted 3 whole months.  It's not going away.  It has slowed down, and it sometimes looks like its stopping, but I've had 8 days of bleeding now, not counting the spotting, and I'm really sick of it.  Our anniversary trip?  At least we'll be in Vegas so we can keep ourselves entertained in other ways!

So here's the question.  Has anyone else who used provera to start a cycle had a heavy period afterwards?  My doc said it's normal, but well, I wanted to hear it from someone else too.


  1. I don't have the energy to tackle the dingbat report. Kudos to you for dealing with that. As for provera, I do not get particularly heavy periods (in fact they're rather light) but it does last forever. I'll have at least spotting in some form for more than a week, even as long 10-11 days. If it remains really heavy for much longer, I'd call the doc again (duh; I wouldn't think you'd just go on bleeding for months).

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. One provera cycle I had a veryyyyy heavy first day and then a shorter cycle than usual, and the next one I had three light days.

    Dingbat sounds kind of like my coworker. She actually told me that it's weird how so many women are having difficulty conceiving and it's probably because the apocalypse is going to be happening in December 2012 and have you noticed that no credit cards go past that date? Why is that, she asks? So when I showed her that my cards do, in fact, expire in 2013, she was kind of confused.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Omigawd! Farting? Explosive diarrhea? Keep it to yourself, lady! Holy hell! That's unbelievable. I would die if I were you. Well, I would laugh first, then die. Maybe die laughing. Yes, that sounds about right. :p