Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Love Story

Ok, before I get into the story, I want to ask forgiveness.  You see, I was really bored at work a few months ago, and decided to write our story as a fairy tale.  I was going to make it into one of those cute photo books and give it to my husband for our anniversary.  But then I thought it might be to cheesy to give a man.  I let him read the story, and he loved it.  Who knows, I may make it for Christmas!

Anyway, here's our story.  Please don't laugh to hard at my writing attempts!
This story begins like any other

Once upon a time, in a land far far away. . . .
There lived a prince and a princess.

Both the prince and princess were loved greatly by their families, even during times of great mischief.  They grew up, attended schooling, and after many years of hard work, the prince and princess were awarded degrees. 

This however, is where the story changes.
The princess, who lived in the land of Sandy, grew restless.  She desired to have her own kingdom and set about to meet her prince.

At the same time the prince, who lived in the land of Harrisville, decided to find his princess.
Both the prince and princess were good children, and loved to listen to their mothers.  Both queens had heard of a magical sorcerer who could match the princes and princesses of the world using only a “wink”! 

The prince and princess were skeptical, but decided to give it a try.  The sorcerer was a busy man, who worked with many princes and princesses.  The only way to contact him was through a magical picture screen. 

The prince began working with the sorcerer, and sent out a few winks, hoping the sorcerer would turn them into magic.

The princess got a few winks, but none were magical, and the sorcerer claimed he had a few frogs in the system.   The princess began to despair that there were only frogs, and no princes.

The princess talked to the sorcerer, determined to tell him to stop.  The sorcerer would not give up however, and sent another wink, and this one was magic.  A prince appeared in the magic picture screen; the prince was very handsome, and the princess had the sorcerer send one of his magical winks back to the prince.

After a long night, and a longer day, the prince and princess were able to talk using the magical picture screen.  They decided to meet, in the land of Salt Lake City, at a drinking house that was highly recommended by one of the princesses friends.

On the day of the meeting the prince and princess were both very nervous.  The princess arrived early and drove her carriage around the block a few times.  She didn’t want to appear too anxious by being there first.  The prince got lost in the mysterious roads of this new land, but finally the prince and princess met.

The drinking house held little promise; the drinks were not good!  The prince and princess drank them anyway.  There were so happy to finally be together.  They finally decided to go shopping at a city market called The Gateway.  They enjoyed looking in all the stalls, and marveling over the different things for sale.

The prince and princess decided to attend a magical play called Employee of the Month.  But first, they needed to eat.  They found a nice place to feast called Applebees, where they ate and talked.  By then it was time to see the magical play, which the prince and princess both enjoyed.

The prince then walked the princess to her carriage, and for his bravery was awarded a kiss.  The princess drove home thinking that this was a prince she could marry.  The prince spent many minutes in the carriage parking lot looking for his carriage, impressed by his date with the princess.

The prince and princess spent a great deal of time together after their first meeting.  They were able to meet each other’s families. 

The prince and princess were both adventurous at heart and explored many different lands together including Wendover, Boise, The Great Salt Lake, Cove Fort, and both the Uinta and Topaz mountains.

Soon the prince and princess decided that they wanted to start their own kingdom.  The prince gave the princess a beautiful ring, centered by a stone of the princesses own grandmothers.

The prince and princess planned a beautiful wedding.  On the day of the wedding however, it was raining.  But they would not be deterred.  Many friends and family attended the wedding and the party afterward.  The prince and princess felt loved by all who attended, and were grateful to the sorcerer who brought them together.  To thank him (he was, of course, busy matching other prince and princesses and could not attend the wedding) they danced to the song “A Wink and a Smile”.

The prince and princess then went to the far off land of Las Vegas to celebrate their new life together.

And they continue to live happily ever after!


  1. Rain on a wedding day is supposed to be good for the marriage! hehe

    We went to Vegas for our honeymoon, also! Good story :)