Monday, July 11, 2011

34 week appointment

I just got back from my 34 week appointment.  Things are looking great, and the doctor said my pregnancy is progressing nicely.  Which is always good to hear!

I had to go in again two hours after I ate lunch to have my blood sugars tested, but they came out fine.  The doctor said this means I don't have gestational diabetes (which I thought we'd already determined) but he wants me to keep eating healthy.  Which is pretty much a no brainer.  I think my body is loving the fact that I'm giving it better fuel to burn.  I hope to continue the trend long after the baby is born!

Blood pressure is fine, although I was a bit freaked out over the number: 142/62.  The doctor told me it's the number on the bottom that concerns him the most, and since I was coming into their office in the middle of a stressful work day, he wasn't concerned about my numbers.

I'm still measuring a week ahead, but the doctor isn't concerned about that either.  And he's equally not concerned by the fact that I now weigh 2 pounds less then when I conceived.  So either everything is going great, or my doctor takes to much x.anax. 


  1. Almost there! Just a few weeks left! :)

  2. 34 weeks?!? It's almost time for baby!!!

  3. Ha ha...definitely a chillax doctor. Holy crow, you're close to having a baby. When the hay did that happen? Yay on not having the GD. Keep on taking good care of yourself and that baby.