Friday, July 22, 2011


The popsicle plan backfired.  But surprisingly, not in the way I thought it would.  I figured once the kids got a taste of the free sugar, they'd be asking for popsicles every day.  Of course, I was prepared for this; I bought a giant thing of popsicles!

Instead, I now have lots of friends.  Lots of friends who are 10 years old or younger.  They come over to my house every night when I get home, not to ask for a treat, but to hang out.  They tell me all about their day (which usually involves riding bikes, swimming, and whatever cool dead thing they found).  Then they check up on me and the baby, play with Moo for awhile, and then leave.

I know, you're thinking it doesn't sound so bad.  And it wasn't at first.  I was honestly a little honored that these kids thought I was "cool" enough to talk to.  But soon one visit a night was two, and then three, and then more.

I attempt to ignore them when they ring the doorbell, but then they start knocking on the door.  And the dog goes nuts.  And if I continue to ignore them, they start ringing the doorbell again.  Then knocking.  I timed it once, they were out there for five minutes!  Once they even opened my door and started to come in to the house (they got an earful for that one).

Monday I'd had enough, and went down and explained to the kids that if I didn't answer after they rang the doorbell once, I wasn't going to, and they had to stop.  Their little faces looked so sad.  So I gave them popsicles.


  1. ha ha...I don't mean to laugh but the end was cute funny in an ironic kind of way. Of course, I'm not the one with kids banging down the door each day. Perhaps you can tie the popsicles to strings and just fling them out the windows?

  2. I like the way you think! Now to figure out how to make that work. . . hehe.