Monday, March 26, 2012


I am eagerly planning Anna's birthday party.  Yes, I know it's still months and months away.  I don't care!  I want it to be a special day for me her!  I've already rented a pavilion at a park where the playground looks like a castle.  I'm going for a princess themed party, and I'm super excited!

I love birthdays!  I love celebrating them, making people feel special, presents, cake, all of it!  I always try to do something special for family birthdays.  The day you were born is special, and I think I realize that more after dealing with IF and having my baby girl.

That being said, I forgot about my birthday.  Yep.  Forgot.  Until my Mom told me she was making my birthday dinner last night.  Ham and funeral potatoes.  OMG good!

But now I sit here, two days before my actual birthday, and I'm in a funk.  I'm going to be 30 this year.  30!  How did this happen?  I'm trying to not be in to bad of a mood, but I am honestly a little depressed about saying goodbye to my 20's.

I know, deal with it.  I have a great husband, an adorable daughter, and a fabulous group of family and friends. And I will deal with it.  Thursday.

Until then, I'm going to sulk a little.

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