Friday, April 16, 2010

Apparently its not just my ovaries that hate me

First off, thanks for the comments on the 'mid!  I figured this time I'd do it the doctors way and if nothing happens, I'll talk to him and see if we can change it next time.  That means I took my first pill last night.  Nothing scary happening yet, but honestly, that could be because of the cold from hell.

Last night I couldn't sleep well at all.  And I'm pretty sure it wasn't the 'mid.  I kept waking up gasping for air.  It really freaked me out!  It would take me awhile to fall back asleep, and then an hour later I was gasping for air again.  So first thing this morning, I went to the doctor (yeah, I know, gasping for air several times. . . had it been anyone else I would have taken them to an instacare.)  This evil cold from hell has wreaked havoc on my lungs.  Turns out when the doctor told me I had asthma, I should have listened.  My lungs were fighting for air, and I was able to breathe ok until I would go into a deep sleep.  Then my lungs got all pissy and stopped breathing.

When I got to the doctor this morning, she said that my asthma was really bad.  So now I'm on some crazy asthma medicine to get my lungs all open and happy again.  Joy, more medicine.

On the plus side, turns out that whole big decision about going camping?  It was made for me.  So now I've got the house all to myself, well myself Mister and Moo.  I've got the freezer stocked with popsicles, and ice cream. I have homemade soup from my mom.  And I've got a bunch of blankets, and the tv remote!  Now I just need to focus on feeling better.

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  1. Yikes!!! I wonder if the 'mid had an inflammatory effect. I know that it messes a lot with my sleep, but that's because it makes me super hot at night. (Temp-wise, not sexy-wise.)

    Glad you're okay. Hope these next nights are better.