Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Weekend, Part 1

I had such grand plans of updating you sooner.  I really did.  No, Really!

I had an awesome weekend with L.  Our conversation started when I got to the hotel on Friday, and ended when she left on Sunday.  I gave her a no holds barred version of what is going on in my world, fertility issues and all.  She talked about being a mom to an adorable one year old, and how its wearing her out (secretly, I want to  be the one who's all worn out).  She even offered to be a surrogate if we need one.  Pretty awesome.

So Friday night we stayed up forever till 9pm, drinking wine water, and watching tv.  Yeah, we're totally awesome like that.  I'm pretty sure we both fell asleep before the big reveal on TLC's What Not To Wear, and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disapointed I didn't get to see what they did with the girls hair. 

Saturday we went shopping.  At IKEA.  Where we stayed for 4 hours.  And spent $2000 (on $30 of which was mine).  Holy shit, batman!  L was sent down to Utah with shopping lists from her friends in Boise.  One of those friends is opening up a baby boutique, with baby stuff and stuff for new moms.  (Yeah, a little ouch there, but not too bad.  When I get preggers I'm totally getting something from her shop since I helped schlep all the stuff she was buying)  L is helping the baby boutique friend out in order to get her product on the shelf.  A post natal vitamin.  Pretty cool eh? 

After spending four hours time and all eternity at IKEA, we went to a great store called TaiPan Trading Co.  It's a store here in Utah full of house decorating stuff.  Pictures, flowers, knick knacks, holiday stuff, its all there.  AND its all affordable.  I totally heart this store. 

Then we went and got pedicures (to soothe the hurt feets from shopping all day).  I got cute stripes, L got a flower, and the Taiwanese people who did our toes thought we were sisters.  Yeah, they got a good tip.

L left on Sunday, and left me exhausted!  But what a fun weekend!  I'm already trying to plan a trip up to Boise in May. 

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