Saturday, June 26, 2010

My mom scared a few years off my life today.  I tried calling her in the morning, and when I couldn't reach her, decided it must be because she was walking the dogs.  An hour later, I get a phone call from my dad that starts with, "Now don't panic, but I just brought your Mom home from the hospital."  Don't panic?  Right. . .

My mom took a really bad fall while walking the dogs (see, I was half right).  She got tangled up in the leashes, and the next thing she remembers is being on the ground in pain.  She walked back home with the dogs, and off they went to the emergency room.  When she fell, she jammed up her arm bone into her shoulder socket.  She told me at first that nothing was broken, but when I talked to her tonight, she said she had broken something.  I haven't seen her to find out whats going on.  I was actually forbidden to come down today.

She's in a sling, and on some pain meds, and she has to go in and visit an orthopedic guy on Monday.  She sounds like she ok (as ok as she can be) and I'll know more tomorrow. 

Any good thoughts and or prayers you can send her way would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I actually shuddered while I was reading this. Your poor mom! *hugs and prayers*

  2. Prayers heading that way...keep us updated. I cringed when I read the shoved into the socket thing. Ouch! I hope she heals quickly!