Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where I've Been

Where have I been?  Sick.  Really really REALLY sick.

At first I thought it was due to my overindulgence at girls night in.  There was vodka involved, and the Sex in the City movie, and it was a blast!

But by Sunday (girls night in was Friday) when I wasn't feeling better I started to think I may have caught a bug.  By Tuesday when my throat felt so raw I couldn't eat or drink, I went to instacare.  I was told I probably had the flu, but they did a quick strep test just to check.  Test came back negative, so I head home to rest. 

Thursday I finally stop having fevers, and I get a positive on my ovulation test, so I ask politely, force the hubby to have sex.  I may have told him to suck it up and take vitamin c, but since there were no witnesses I plead innocent!  Friday I head back to work, because the instacare doc told me I could once the fever went away.

Friday night I come home, after spending 8 hours at work catching up with everyone and on all the work I missed, I get a call from the instacare doc.  He had run another strep test, a three day culture, and it came back positive.  I had to start antibiotics immediately, and I was contagious until I was on them for 24 hours.  I sent text messages to the people I like at work apologizing for potentially infecting them.

Saturday I got even more sick, but that turned out to be a blessing.  You see, my mom came up and saved me, took me back to her house to pamper me and make me feel better.  And since I was at her house I got to hang out with my old dog Sparky (someday I'll tell you why he was so special)  I got to nap with him, play with him, and generally just hang out with this little white dog that I'd rescued 6 years earlier.

My mom had to put Sparky down yesterday.  It's probably the hardest thing I've gone through in a long time.  Sparky saved my life in a lot of ways.  He had a stroke yesterday morning, and couldn't walk.  He lost all control of his muscles and had a couple of accidents.  My mom said you could tell he wasn't happy.  She took him in that afternoon and had him put to sleep.  My heart is broken.  I know he's someplace better, and I know he's no longer in pain, but I want him back.


  1. I hate having to let go of animals. It is absolutely heartbreaking. The same thing happened to one of our dogs... he had a seizure and lost control of his legs and everything else so we had to have him put to sleep that afternoon.

    I hope that you're feeling better and I'm glad that you are back to blogging.

  2. I'm so so sorry about your dog. That must be very hard :(

  3. I'm so sorry about your dog :( I agree it's one of the hardest things to do :(

  4. I'm so sad about Sparky. At least you got to spend a little cuddle time with him before the end. Sniffle...

    BTW, way to rally and BD while being sick. You are one determined gal!