Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things at Work

So, today I decided to go out to eat for lunch.  I work downtown, but I really wanted something out of the immediate area, so I drove to a yummy soup place (this is not the story, but back story, I promise!)

On my way back I had to get a little creative due to some closed streets.  But, never fear, I made it to the street my office is on.  All I had to do was make a right hand turn.  Except there were pedestrians crossing the street.  And that same corner houses the police station.  So I figured I'd be nice (ie, law abiding) and let the pedestrians cross the street. 

The guy behind me didn't see it that way.  He got super pissed off, and starting honking his horn at me.  I looked in my rear view mirror and he was making all sorts of fun hand gestures and mouthing words I probably don't want to know.  So, being me, I decided, F him, and waited for the people to cross the street. 

They finally cross (with a wave and a thank you to me) and I turn the corner.  But idiot in the car behind me is really angry that I made him wait an extra 10 seconds (yes I timed it) so he turns wide to get in front of me and then cuts me off and slams on his brakes.  WTF?  OK, now I'm pissed.  You just put my hard earned baby at risk.  I may or may not have flipped him off.  I plead the fifth.

Not only does he slam on his brakes, he then proceeds to drive really slowly, like 5mph slow to show me how cool he is.  Whatever.  I turn into the parking garage for work, and he turns into the parking lot next to it and just stares at me.  Watches me park.  Freaks me the hell out.

So, I sat in my car, and called my office.  Luckily we have a security guard.  A really big, tough, mean looking security guard.  I called the receptionist, and she had the guard come out.  I waited in my car for him to show up.  By that time the idiot in the car had fled.  Either way, I was grateful for the escort back into the building.

And then you know what happens?  I start crying.  At work.  Shit.  Everyone seemed to understand, but it's hard enough some days being a woman at work, but then add crying to that?  Stupid pregnancy hormones!
And on another note, I have to tell you what Dingbat said to me this afternoon.

"Boy, I better not miss my family reunion because you have your baby"

Um, yeah, I'll work on that.


  1. woof!!!! crazy aggressive drivers!!! It surprises the crap out of me that people can't wait a few seconds before flipping into a#$hole mode! glad you had a security guard--good thinking to call for the escort!!

  2. What a jerk! I got horribly upset at dumb drivers when I was pregnant too. On top of endangering my baby, I was short on patience so they didn't go well together.

    I'm glad everything turned out well though!