Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Shower Help

No, not mine (but please let us make it that far).  The shower is for my SIL R.  She asked me to volunteer for the games because my MIL, quite honestly, picks the dumbest games ever.  MIL also MUST HAVE GAMES at her showers.  And she gets out of sorts if no one plays them.  Sigh.

So, in I step, and volunteer to take over the games.  Because I'm selfless like that (haha).  Ok, maybe its more like I hate going to the damn things, hate playing all the dumb games, hate watching preggers people open tiny gifts with tiny clothes and tiny toys. . . Yes, I know I'm preggers now.  No, that doesn't take away my hatred for all things baby shower.  So by doing the games, I thought I'd at least have control over one aspect of the dreary happy occasion.

So, rambling aside, I'm stuck.  I need to have a couple of games to play to appease my MIL, but they need to not completely suck to appease everyone else.  Oh, and if they didn't have to relate to how fabulous it is that R is pregnant and going to pop, that'd be great too.


PS any advice on how to get through these things without drinking would be great too!


  1. I HATE HATE shower games, especially that gross chocolate poopy diaper one ugh, but have played a couple that were totally tolerable.
    1) match the celeb baby with the celeb. My friend made a big poster board and cut out pics from us weekly and stuff and you had to match them, whoever got the most right won.
    2) quiz about the pregnany lady - cravings, how she told her husband, things like that.

    good luck!

  2. I was going to say the celeb and celeb baby thing too. The poster board is a good idea. Other than that my extreme loathing of baby showers has me at a loss for any other ideas.
    And no advice on how to survive it sober. I'm trying to figure that out myself. Best of luck!

  3. We don't do shower games in my family, LOL. And, you could be like me: 1 occasional celebratory (read: survival) drink is okay...time it well. LOL.

  4. One that I always like is you give everyone a clothespin (either decorate it with the shower theme or buy a little pink or blue one from a party supply store) and have everyone clip it to their shirt. Pick 3 words that they cannot say boy/girl, cute, baby, aww, sweet, etc. If you hear someone say that word you take their pin. You can steal yours back after it's taken by taking someone else's. If the person already has more than one pin and they say a word you get all of theirs. I think it's cute and it always gets people going well during the gift opening. The person with the most at the end wins.

    Good luck!!!

  5. We did a music game at my shower. We put 10 songs that had baby in the title on a CD and then played the first few seconds of the song and then the guests had to write down what song it was. Kinda like name that tune. We also did a game that wasn't so obtrusive where we did a raffle. Anyone who brought diapers got a ticket to win a gift basket. We had like 3 gift baskets that people could win filled with a theme, like spa, movie night, or candles. It was really fun and people seemed to like those games.