Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dad update

Well, my dad is out of the hospital.  They released him late last night.  He's at home with orders to rest and take more antibiotics.  He was so excited when they came in and told him he'd be going home, he started taking off his hospital gown right then.  Made me smile.  Being a hospital, it took them about half an hour before he was finally released.

Here's what we learned.  The blood infection was "most likely" caused by the root canal.  The doctors also say that it could have just been a coincidence, but I don't really buy that. 

We also learned that although it doesn't happen often, sometimes when people get epi.nepherine with their dental work, that small amount can make it into the blood stream and cause panic attacks.  The dentist has assured my family several times that its rare, and that we shouldn't worry that it will happen again.  But, I'm all for my dad finding a new dentist.  That's two strikes in my opinion, and I'd hate to see what would happen with a third strike.

Thanks everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. 

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