Sunday, March 6, 2011

A thank you to infertility

I know.  It seems strange.  But I really did find a reason to appreciate infertility.  No, this is not a post where I wax philosophical about my life changes and how IF made me a stronger person.  I may be pregnant, but in my mind IF is still the devil, and still the hardest battle I've fought.

No, the reason I'm thanking IF is because it taught me that Dr. Google can give you lots of information.  Not all of that information is welcome, and in fact most of it freaks you the hell out.  Thanks to that knowledge, I didn't Google blood infection whilst my dad was in the hospital.  I didn't want to know.

But you know what I did yesterday?  Once I knew my dad was home and feeling better?  Yep.  I Googled the hell out of it.  And after what I read, I was grateful to IF for giving me the sense to stay away from Dr. Google while my dad was in the hospital.

Because guess what Interwebs?  Blood infections are big, scary, and sometimes deadly diseases.  Yeah, I'm really glad I didn't know that earlier last week.  And I'm really glad that the doctors all played it pretty close to the chest.  No one at the hospital let on that we were facing such a scary thing.  True, they seemed really concerned about dad, and there was someone in there visiting him at least twice an hour, but heck, I've never stayed in a hospital, and I figured it was normal.  Why wouldn't the interns and doctors check up on my dad every thirty minutes?  Why wouldn't they take his blood every two hours to run tests on it? Why wouldn't they do an echo cardiogram on his heart to make sure that there was no infection in there?  (BTW, they didn't print out a picture of his heart.  I was bummed.  I figured we could put his ultrasound picture next to Bubbles')

Again, thanks to everyone for their support, prayers and positive thoughts.  Dad is on the mend.  And double thanks if any of you knew what blood infections could do and didn't tell me.  Because I really didn't need to know until he was better.


  1. IF teaches us a lot of lessons. The don't google one is a big one. I think it also teaches us patience, bumility, and to really honestly and truly be so thankful for the little things (and little ones). :)

    I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better.

  2. Oh my goodness - I had no idea that was going on with your dad. I'm so glad he's ok - it sounds like it's been a scary few days for you! Personally, I appreciate IF b/c it makes me want something that I never thought I'd really be that interested in. (babies) I know that when/if I get knocked up, I will be ecstatic versus stressed out and anxious. I have IF to thank for that!

  3. First, I'm so happy your father is doing so much better. That must have been scary even if you didn't have the full understanding of what he faced. Yes, Google is a scary, scary place, and I'm kind of happy for the IF hazing myself. Just the other day I was looking up an innocent pregnancy calendar trying to see what I could expect, how big the baby is, etc. and there was all this awful warning information about ectopic and molar pregnancies. All I could think was if I hadn't already heard about those things and researched the hell out of them, I'd be scared as hell.