Friday, May 27, 2011

NuMom2B Study Visit 3

I am a bad blogger.  I had my third NuMom2B visit  on May 3rd.  And I haven't blogged about it yet.  Time to remedy that!

The third and final visit was quite fun.  I had to do all the regular things like give samples of blood, urine, and vag swabs.  They had me do a separate swab this time, but didn't tell me what it was for.  I should have asked.

Then came the fun part: the ultrasound!  I invited my parents to be there for this ultrasound, because the machine at the hospital is so much better than the one at my doctors office!  The ultrasound was fun; I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing my miracle on the screen.  They measured baby girl because they said the measurements given to them by my doctor weren't of great quality.  I didn't mind, it was more screen time.

Then they switched on the 3D/4D imaging.  And it was amazing.  My baby girl turned from a profile shot into a real baby.  I know she was real before, but this was truly fun to see.  But I'll be honest, and say it was also a little creepy.  If the scan went "down" to far, there were suddenly giant holes in her face and head; body parts would disappear and reappear.  Also, it doesn't matter how great the quality is, baby girl still didn't look quite human.

I then answered a whole bunch of questions for the study.  All of them repeats from the previous two sessions.  They questioned me about diseases I've had; my and my husbands family history; my exercise regimen, etc. Then a quick jump on the scale and blood pressure check and I was free to go.

They also gave me a dvd of the ultrasound (which I haven't watched) and a whole bunch more pictures (which I have oohed and ahhed over several times).  They also gave me a paper that I'm to present to the admitting nurse when I deliver, as the study wants to get samples of the placenta.

After going through all of the crap to get pregnant, this study has provided me a much needed reassurance that everything is going well with this pregnancy.  I'm very glad I signed up to do it.


  1. Do we get to see the pictures?!

  2. I will post them as soon as I can find a scanner that doesn't make them look more freaky!