Monday, August 1, 2011

Back among the living

I am finally counting myself back among the living.  Last week was rough.  Bronchitis.  Boo.

I wasn't feeling my best last Sunday, but didn't think much of it.  I have heard, after all, about how women feel crappy the closer they get to delivery.  So there I was feeling slightly ashamed for being a "normal fertile type pregnant person". . . And so I figured I didn't need to tell anyone I wasn't feeling great.  No need to whine.

By Tuesday I was feeling pretty awful.  And decided to mention it at my checkup.  Told the doctor how I was feeling, he did his doctor thing, and told me I had bronchitis.  Huh.  No wonder I felt like shit.  And can I just say, that momentary flash of triumph that I wasn't just a whiny pregnant person?  Priceless!  So the doctor put me on antibiotics and told me to rest and all that junk.  And today?  Today I finally feel like I am back to normal.  Still have a lingering cough and runny nose, but nothing I can't handle. 

In other related news, I had my 36 week checkup last Tuesday, and baby girl has dropped.  Which was nice of her since I was having problems breathing with the bronchitis.  Had the strep b test done (why didn't any of you previously pregnant ladies warn me about this?!?) And a cervix check that showed I wasn't dilated at all and my cervix was hard.  Which is ok, because baby girl still has time left before she needs to be here.

I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if anything has changed!  I'll update you guys sooner this time, I promise.

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