Friday, July 30, 2010


I got a text message from Dingbat last night.  Around midnight.  She told me that they had found her best friend dead.  And that she was sad. 

I replied this morning that I was sorry to hear that, and that she was in my thoughts.

And then it hit me, Interwebs.  Dingbat considers me her friend.  There is no other reason to send a text message to someone at midnight.  When a person feels down, they reach out to their friends for comfort.  And she reached out to me.

I'm sitting here at work, kind of shell shocked.  I want to do something for Dingbat, but I'm unsure what that something is.  Flowers? A card? A yummy, not healthy treat? 


  1. I am not sure who Dingbat is, but I say go with a card...

  2. Wow! Poor Dingbat! That stinks. Ummm, what to do ... That's a tough one. Card will work. A hug, too. Might be awkward, but I have hugged Wackjob in the past, so go for it.

  3. Geez, no matter how unfriendly or crazy the person (Dingbat) no one deserves to go through this. I think anything you think of will be great.