Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a short post

So, I've got a new nickname thanks to my mom, and my husband.  Bubbles.  Yeah, my Mom thought it up, and I mistakenly told my husband, and now its sticking.  I always wanted a nickname, but I guess I didn't realize that most nicknames are chosen for you rather than by you!

Everything is going ok for me right now.  Still some dull pain that can spike when I bend wrong, or when the cat or dog land on my stomach.  Otherwise I'm feeling ok.  I'm debating going in to another doctor for a second opinion as everything I read on Dr. Google says if a cyst is over 5 cm it will need to be removed surgically.  I don't want to have surgery, but if I need it, I'd rather get it over with.

So, I'll leave you with two questions.  First, do you have any nicknames that you love and/or hate?  And second, what do you think about the second opinion doctor thing?


  1. People call me Kel, which I hate.

    I agree with the 2nd opinion. It certainly can't hurt!


  2. My husband calls me Big Eyes as he thinks I have really big eyes. Not sure if it's endearing or not! LOL. A second opinion couldn't hurt. My friend had something similar and needed surgery so perhaps it is something to broach?


  3. Well, hello Bubbles!! ha ha ha (Sorry)

    Um, I don't have any "real" nicknames. I've been called stuff throughout the years making fun of my name (Robin). So I've been called "Hood" (as in Robin Hood), "Batgirl" (yeah, very creative), and "Ruben" (why?). DH has little names for me but nothing consistent or that sticks.

    I am always for second opinions. I deal with doctors all the time for myself and my daughter and I have learned the hard way that if you're unhappy chances are there is another doctor out there that is way better.

  4. No nicknames here - what an unimaginative bunch we are in my household! I think if your heart is telling you you'd like a second opinion then go for it. Perhaps your doctor could recommend someone - if the doctor is on google he probably wouldn't mind admitting he could do with some back up : )

  5. Lol! Love the nickname :D Let's dad calls me Doodle and has done since I was born. I hate it! Someone at school once overheard him call me that and all the kids picked it up and called me that for years. I was mortified!

    As for the second opinion? I'd definitely get one. Three years ago I had a cyst removed during a routine gallbladder removal. They were unaware the cyst was there, but they removed 2 litres of fluid from the cyst (sorry, don't know the cm size!) and then removed the cyst. It was the largest cyst they had ever seen! You definitely don't want the cyst to get that big. Go get the second opinion - it'll make you feel better!


  6. Here from ICLW. I adore your "about me" - it's like reading about myself. Love it. Anywho, you asked about nicknames? Oh, boy, I have a whole BARRAGE of nicknames. Worst one ever was "Beaver". Nuff said. LOL. Happy ICLW...Kakunaa (#78)

  7. With a first name of Patience, it's hard to come up with nicknames... but PB (my initials) seems to be the one of choice right now.

    I would get a second opinion. Am I understanding that the Dr is expecting the cysts to just resolve on their own? As a PCOS gal, I have never had cysts of that size, but have always needed to go on BCP to get them to resolve.

    Hope you are in less pain soon!

  8. Wow, I am so sorry about those 3 cysts! That is horrible, I hope that they shrink fast...and i hope you feel better soon, I know how much they can hurt.