Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slumber Party

Oh, Interwebs, if you all lived closer I'd be inviting you to my house this afternoon!

I'm having a "Slumber Party", you know, those sex toy parties?  I had one last year, and I'll let you in on a little secret.  I actually became a distributor for a few months.  Turns out I hate selling things, even things that sell themselves.  But I love their products (not just the sex toys, geez, they have lotions and stuff too you know!)

So this afternoon my Slumber Mom Tracy is coming to do another party.  I'm really excited!  I love having girl time, and getting to laugh.  And I really need the laughter. 

Also, I have a post for either tomorrow or Monday.  It will go up as soon as I figure out how to use those poll thingies. 


  1. I would totally attend!!! Have fun :)

  2. I have always heard of those parties but have never been invited to one! It sounds fun. Good luck and I hope you sell a lot!

  3. I had one a few years ago and everyone loved it! The worst part was at the start of it we had to introduce ourselves who how we "liked it" with the same letter as our first name. My mother in law (although E and I were just engaged then)'s name starts with S and said she liked it in the Shower! I blushed...