Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Huh. . . Guess I did do that

Hrmm . . I looked at the calendar today and it said it was the 27th.  That cannot possibly be right.  I mean, there is no way that I would go 7 days into ICLW without an introduction post, right??

Looks like I did!  I guess it was all the drama of finding out I can produce things that show up on ultrasounds, just not babies (yet).  And can I just say that all of your support has been freaking amazing!  Getting some form of encouragement every day, is awesome.  I can't begin to tell you all how much it meant, and means, to me.  But, I'm sure most of you understand what I'm trying (and not succeeding) at saying.

So let's see.  A quick bit of info on me can be found here or here.  But I've never really documented my whole TTC journey (and what an appropriate word journey is!).  Someday, I may even put it up on a sidebar.  But that requires effort, and I'm just not feeling it at the moment!

Me and the hubs got married in 2007.  We decided that we wanted kids, but not right away, so I stayed on bc pills (yeah, the irony kills me).  And the hubs was so paranoid about becoming a father when he wasn't "ready" that we used condoms as well.  Yeah. . . to be so blissfully ignorant again!

Last June, I went off bc pills, and we stopped using condoms.  But we weren't really "trying".  I wasn't charting, I wasn't using OPKs and in fact wasn't having many cycles either.

Found a good doctor in January, and he started me on The Plan.  Three months of bc pills to straighten things out, then three months of clomid to get me pregnant (yeah, this is the cliff notes version).  We all know what happened with The Plan.  It ended up causing me to have two giant (and one sorta giant) cysts.  Crap.

So now I'm starting on a new plan.  Back on bc pills for a month to shrink (please God) the cysts.  Then have another visit with "ET's finger" (my hubbys friend called it that, and I just about died).  If the cysts  have shrunk we move to a new plan.  If they haven't, surgery.

Of course, there's always the elusive option of getting pregnant this month because I'm "relaxing" and "not thinking about it", right?


And guess what interwebs?  I got blog awards!  OMG, OMG, OMG!  I'll post them later!


  1. I gave up on the intro post and now just put something at the top of my page because it's easier. Glad to read about your story, however! I hope you are able to find a way to have medicated cycles without the crazy cysts...

  2. Oh yes... The Plan. And The Irony. I am familiar with both of those.

    I wish we had started trying when I was 19 and we were first dating. ha