Friday, September 24, 2010

Attention Deficit, Oooh, Sparkly!

I love, love, love jewelry.  Especially bracelets.  And I loved the idea of using crystals to help center my focus and help with infertility.  And I found both in fellow blogger Jenny's Etsy site, Bloomtastic.  Go check it out.  Seriously, right now, I'll wait.

Back?  Aren't they amazing, and beautiful?  Don't you love how the stones are not just pretty but have meanings behind them?  I got this one, but added a special charm to it to make it mine.

Isn't it beautiful?  I got it in the mail tonight, and I put it on right away.  It feels like it belongs on my wrist, which sounds weird to say, but its the truth.  This bracelet is already a part of me.

The charm was my own, and one that I've had for many years.  I got it at a time in my life where I was scraping bottom emotionally (I've actually written a post about this, but it's not going to be posted until October 1st.  There's a reason for that, and I hope you come back and read it!).  I wore it on a necklace every day to help me believe in myself.  One day, I didn't feel like I needed it anymore, and I put it away in my jewelry chest and forgot about it.

Then IF hit, and I started to doubt myself again.  I started sinking back into my depression.  I started believing things that had been said to me long ago; things that I thought I'd overcome.

And then I saw Jenny's bracelets.  And as I was looking through the pictures, I felt like I needed one, but I needed it to be mine.  And all of a sudden, I thought of that charm.  The one that helped me so much before.  Jenny added it to the bracelet, and now my charm has come back to me.  Back to remind me that I have to believe in myself.

Thank you Jenny.


  1. I have one of hers, too :) I wore it through my whole IVF cycle (until I broke it :() They are beautiful, aren't they?

  2. I love Jenny's stuff. I won a bracelet of hers in a giveaway and then I bought another one for my BFF. I love the fact that you personalized yours with your charm. That's pretty neat-o!

  3. You ladies rock my world!

    Amber, you are an amazing person. Thank you for all your kindness (and the ladybug you sent along with the charm).

    Did I ever mention how huge a fan of ladybugs I am? I already know if I ever am lucky enough to have a child and it's a girl, her room will be in ladybugs. I've had that in plan for years.

    So I definitely think it's fate that you and I met.

    Love you <3

  4. that is a beautiful bracelet!!

    I hope it brings you lots of good luck!!

    Happy ICLW

  5. I LOVE the bracelet!

    You have an award waiting on my blog for you!

  6. What a beautiful bracelet. And how fitting that it feels so right!

    Best wishes on your next cycle.


  7. I love the "will blog for comments" line. :D You make me chuckle and therefore I must follow your blog!