Thursday, September 9, 2010

The results are in

And I didn't ovulate this month.  The nurse said my progesterone levels were below 0.5, so yeah.  Not a lot of hope there.  I'm expecting a phone call tomorrow from the doctor to discuss what's next.  Sigh.

But in a positive way, I think my not ovulating did something good.  I got a phone call from my mom tonight asking about the blood test results.  I told her that I hadn't ovulated and explained what the numbers meant.  And then she says to me (and you have to understand I'm not mad at her for this) "Huh, there is something to this then.  You really don't ovulate on your own."  She didn't go so far as to take back her claim that relaxing will help me, but it's a start!


In other news, it's down to the wire with my job.  My contract ends tomorrow (well, honestly it ends Sunday, which is really dumb when you work M-F).  They thought they had something in the works to renew my contract, but it fell through this week.  Now they are scrambling to get something in place to pay me until a new contract can be made.

I'll let you in on a secret: being a contract worker has definite downsides.

This week has been, well, interesting at work.  I've been cleaning up my desk, finishing projects that are due in the next couple of months, and I even had a "goodbye for now" lunch with my girlfriends.  I'll be thrilled if I'm still at work next Monday, but it will be strange to not have looming projects, a clean desk, and a "hooray, I'm back even though I never left" lunch.


Also, I have put my camping pictures on my computer, and I promise I will upload them.  Maybe even tomorrow!

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  1. Sorry for the crappy numbers but I really hope that this leads to a great action plan. I am so glad though that you're mom is starting to realize that there's more to it than just relaxing.

    Can't wait to the see the pics!