Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ICLW by bullet point!

I am so excited for ICLW again!  It's been such a great way for me to connect to new people!

If you are a regular follower, you know how much I heart bullet point lists.  Seriously, I would make every post have bullet points if I could.  But, I figure that takes away from the specialness of the little square box (or circle, or funny symbol.  See how versatile the bullet point is?)

  • We have been TTC for 15 months.  I took clomid for three months, and ended up with a ginormous pair of cysts, and the nickname "Bubbles".  We took a break month, and then started femara.  Didn't ovulate, so I'm now on provera, and will try a higher dose of femera on my next cycle.
  • I am the proud fur parent of a shih tsu named Moo and a cat named Mister.  They make coming home at night after a tough day wonderful.
  • I've been married to my hubby for almost three years.  Our anniversary is October 13!  
  • For our anniversary trip this year, we are going to Tahoe.  I am so excited!  We wanted to go there on our honeymoon, but it was recovering from a forest fire.  We ended up going to Vegas.  And yes, we do seem to go to places where we can gamble for milestones.
  • As a totally unrelated to my introduction side note, it's really hard to get to work when the bomb squad blocks the roads to blow up a suspicious briefcase that ended up holding a sandwich and a video tape.  Yeah, the day went downhill from there.  But really, is there any way for a day to improve after a bomb scare?
  • And on a side note to my side note, I'm totally glad it wasn't a bomb.  I really do appreciate the fact that there are people out there to keep us safe.
  • Also, I'm typing this all on my hubby's laptop.  Because he is playing Civ V, a nerdy computer game and I can't use my computer because his friend is over here playing as well.  And you know what really bugs me?  Today is the first day to play this game, and I don't get to play.
Well, I think that's enough for one bullet list.  I mean, there should be limits to them, right?  Because otherwise I would have no self control. . . .


  1. Ha! You're adorable. Video tape and a sandwich?? Strange.

  2. You should add me on facebook!!/profile.php?id=662625542
    An update every two weeks isn't enough for me :0

  3. Happy ICLW, and happy anniversary!!!

  4. Our anniversary is in October too. Funny story, I once watched a man at the train station open his briefcase and pull out an orange. A little while later he opened it and brought out a coconut. What I want to know is how was he going to eat this coconut? Very bizarre. At least it wasn't a bomb

    An ICLW hi from me!

  5. Yikes! Glad it wasn't a bomb!

    ICLW #115

  6. Oh, bomb scares are always fun :) or not. Enjoy tahoe!!

  7. I am very glad it wasn't a bomb. Enjoy your anniversary trip to Tahoe!


  8. (ICOMLEAVWE) I wish you all the best on your journey to motherhood.