Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good thing I asked for questions. . .

Because I am once again brain dead tonight!  However, something interesting did happen today, so I've got to tell you about that, and then I'll start answering questions!

I had to park on the street this morning for work, and I didn't do that swell of a job (I hugely dislike parallel parking).  A big work van parked in front of me, and due to my lame parking skills, the front of the van was in front of a driveway.  I didn't want to be the reason for the van to get hit, so I got out of my car, talked to the guy driving, and then moved my car a bit so he could back up and get the van out of harms way.

He ended up walking the same way as me, and even going into the same building.  So we talked a bit about really dumb things, and then parted.  And I honestly didn't think about it again.  Just a random occurrence right?

Wrong!  I got out to my car, and he's left his business card on my window.  I thought at first it was just an add, but no, when I flipped it over, he'd written "Text me!"  I didn't/haven't.  Seriously, did I just get hit on?
Kristin's Questions:
1. What is your college degree in?
Sociology with an emphasis in criminology.  It was actually my fourth major.  I started in elementary education, moved to English, had a another move to business, and then finally to sociology.  I really loved it as a major in school, as a major in the real world? Not so much!
2. When you dream about experiencing the world, where do you dream about being?
Ooh, good question!  Honestly, I'm so happy right where I'm at right now.  Well, I'd be happier with a little non furry child running around, but wouldn't all of us IFers say that?  I'm really happy with my job; I love being able to help people.  I love our little house, and I love the town we live in.  The only thing that could make me happier would be to have more girlfriends I could randomly hang out with.
3. How long have you been crocheting and what is your favorite type of yarn to use?
Funny story.  I started crocheting in college because I wanted to make my mom something special for Christmas without spending a lot of money.  I got her to teach me a few stitches, and then hid the project from her, and worked on it between classes.  She got mad at me for "wasting her time" by not using the skills she taught me.  Boy was she red in the face at Christmas!  I've been crocheting for about 9 years now, and I love it!  I would love to use the really soft, expensive yarns more, but they get pricey for afghans.  Mostly I use the kind called "I Love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby.
4. If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?
Author.  Hands down!  I love telling stories, inventing characters, and places.  If not author, maybe book critic.  Getting paid to read. . . how cool would that be?!
Ok, I will get to the rest of the questions tomorrow!  I'm totally head nodding as I write this and I don't want to skimp on answers.  I am so happy that you guys all asked questions though!  This is fun!


  1. I can hear your energy and enthusiasm in your post! Love it! Hello from ICLW, and yes, you were hit on. Unless maybe he witnessed someone letting the air out of your tires and wanted to let you know. But I'm guessing it's the former. :)
    Cheese Curds and Kimchi

  2. Being a book critic would be fun, unless the book totally sucked. I sometimes get to a point with a book where I just have to walk away.

    That's pretty awesome you got hit on! That's good for the ego every now and then, right? :)

  3. Sorry if I made you feel guilty about the frequency of your posts but I'm so glad to read updates now!!!