Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FML version 2

So, while we were camping the topic of my infertility came up (I'm very open with my family and friends about our struggles. The only thing I hide is my blog).  I was telling them about the femara, and the lack of icky side effects and all that.  And I casually mentioned to my SIL R, that next time they want to get pregnant again, she should ask for it instead.  As a refresher, R is the one who got pregnant after her first month on clomid.

And then I had a serious WTF moment with her.  Because she doesn't believe it was the clomid that got her pregnant.  And it wasn't the metformin the doctor put her on either.  Nope, even though they tried on their own for two years with no luck, and the first time they get help they got pregnant, it wasn't the drugs. 

Know what it was?  She relaxed.  FML.


  1. Maybe that is what helps her get through the day...denial? But just when you think you've got an ally, right? I am sorry.

  2. Oh, for $@ck's sake. Really? I agree with the above comment, I think that's called denial.

    Sorry you had to deal with that.


    People just make me crazy.