Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Did you hear the one about pregnant women and vivid dreams?

Cause I sure hadn't. At least until I googled it this morning.  Why did I google it?  Because I had one scary f-ed up dream last night.

In my dream I dreamt that I woke up, and there were a couple of silver dollar sized spiders on my covers looking at me.  (FYI, I HATE spiders.  Hate).  It didn't feel like I was dreaming, it felt very real, and I felt very much like I had to get out of that bed and run away.

Which I did.  But not in the dream.  Nope, I got up and ran to the computer room, still in the throws of my nightmare and screamed at the husband to "Go kill those f-ing spiders!"  Yeah, apparently I scared the shit out of him.  Being the good husband he is, he went in and shook out all of the covers and told me that the bed was safe.

Which was about the time I woke up and realized how silly this whole thing was.  I mean really?  Big spiders are rare where we live to begin with, but in the winter time?  They die.  Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Don't be to proud of me for laughing at myself.  I still watched the husband check out the bed before I got back into it.  A girl can never be to safe.


  1. Yeah....welcome to vivid dream land. I have really vivid dreams anyway, and it's worse now. I've had to clarify things with Hubby a few times, as in, did I dream it or did that really happen??? It's part of the ride :) Enjoy it!

  2. Hi, I'm new to blogging, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope its healthy and happy for you.

    Speaking of dreams...when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter, I dreamed her birth. For real. I had a dream that we had a girl (we didn't know the sex at the time), she weighed 5 1/2 lbs and was born at 35 weeks. And yes, it really did happen that way. So pregnancy dreams are nothing to be trifled with. :)

  3. I had crazy dreams too until I started waking every few hours and then never was sleeping long enough to dream anymore so cherish them now!!

  4. Holy crap I just totally bust a gut laughing! You poor girl, that would have scared me shitless too!

    What a good hubby you have, checking the bed for you a few times. :)