Monday, February 21, 2011

The post where I sum up two weeks worth of stuff into one blog

Yeah, I really need to write more often.  But I've been super lazy, and instead of coming home and updating you on my life, I've been going to bed.  Some may claim pregnancy as an excuse, but I know better.  It's pure laziness.  I have been keeping up with all of you on your blogs, and sometimes I even crawl far enough out of my cave and comment.

I've decided its the February blahs.  I'm feeling blah because winter isn't over, and although spring is close, it's not close enough to really start dreaming about it.  I need to get outside and do stuff, plant things, walk the dog, bask in the sunshine (with sunscreen of course), and I can't do any of those things.  Sigh.

That leaves me all sorts of time to wallow around inside freaking out with every twinge that something might be wrong with Bubbles.  I've had a couple more episodes of spotting, but everything's ok.  I even got to hear the heartbeat last week, which was awesome.

Anyway, in an attempt to fill you in on my life over the past two weeks, I'm going to be lazy (see?!) and use bullet points:

  • Valuable lesson learned: Don't take your prenatal vitamin on an empty stomach and then drive 30 minutes into work unless you want to pull over and puke on the freeway.  Not pleasant, and pretty damn embarrassing.
  • Basketball games are much more fun if you are watching them at the arena.  Even more fun when you manage to score tickets to sit in a suite, eat catered food, and watch your hubby drink free beer.  They had free wine too.  And at halftime they brought in ice cream, which was awesome.  I'm pretty sure it will never happen again.  But what a neat experience! (oh, and on a side note, my team lost, but it was still the best game I've ever been too!)
  • I found out that I may actually have a job until September!  Which means, I should have a job until I deliver Bubbles.  Should being the key word.  I have to check in each month with accounting and see how much money they have left in my contract.  Sigh.
  • And speaking of work, they are moving me and Dingbat to a new office.  It's not any bigger, has equally crappy views, and yet I'm still excited.  Yeah, I'm a dork.
  • I currently am nursing the cold from hell.  Otherwise known as the cold that would be fought off by day.quil.  Yes, I'm complaining about pregnancy.  Well, not about pregnancy per se, but about the fact that I can't take some drug and make the sniffles go away.  
  • Adding to the pregnancy thing, I'd like to put it out there that this is hard.  There's the mental freak outs I have daily thinking I've done something wrong to Bubbles.  There's all the stupid assvice I'm getting from well meaning people.  Then there are the random freak outs in which I worry that Bubbles won't be cute, or smart, or funny.  I know, I have issues.
  • Even with all that from the bullet point above, infertility was harder.  Infertility is the toughest thing I've had to face, and though at this point I'm giving it the finger, I know that me and IF will do battle again, and that scares the shit out of me.
That about sums up the last couple of weeks.  I know I missed stuff, and I promise I will post the award from the lovely Kakuna!  It's just the lazy thing.  And the February blahs.


  1. Assvice! Made me LOL :) I'm sure Bubbles will be FINE and beautiful/handsome, brilliant and witty!

    Glad to hear from you and I hope you get to geeling better SOON!

  2. I hated the not being able to take meds part of pregnancy. It really made me explore stuff like warm compresses on my face to open my sinuses and stuff that I would probably never have tried. And yeah, it doesn't work compared with daquil but when you're desperate...

  3. Pregnancy is hard...but you're right infertility is harder! And the second time around is even worse because you know what you are trying for.

    Could you try one of those netty pots to help clear up congestion? That's not medicated is it? Just a thought.

    Good luck with your job. I hope it works out for you.

  4. I find myself not commenting OR reading for days at a time when I get down, which seems to happen a lot these days. I think for the same reasons - no way to release the energy and nerves! Hang in there...Spring is around the corner :)

  5. The February blahs are EVIL. February will be over soon, I promise. : )