Monday, February 28, 2011

Prayers - Updated

My dad has just been rushed to the hospital.  He was driving home and started feeling funny so he went straight to the doctors office.  The doctor tried to help him feel better, but couldn't.  She called an ambulance and he was taken to the closest ER. 

They don't know what is making him ill.  He had a root canal done this morning, and it may be related to that.  They've done chest x-rays and ruled out pneumonia.  It's looking like they are going to admit him.
My dad is still in the hospital, but according to my mom is looking much better.  They still aren't sure what caused everything but they are still thinking it relates back to the dental work.

At the dentist they gave him lido.caine and epi (which I've since found out is epi.nepherine).  The doctors at the hospital think that it was the epi that caused him to feel anxious and shaky.  They also have no idea why the dentist would give him epi for a root canal. 

By the time he reached the family doctors office on his was home from the dentist, he was shaking so hard and was feeling so anxious he could barely drive.  The family doctor immediately called my mom to come and take Dad to the hospital.  Unfortunately she was half an hour away.  While they were waiting for her to arrive, my dad got a fever that kept going higher.  His blood pressure also started to rise pretty high.  The doctor did what was best, and called an ambulance to take him to the nearest ER.

Mom got to the family doctors office as the ambulance was loading Dad up.  She spent the rest of the afternoon with him at the ER.  Then about 430 yesterday they decided to admit him to a different hospital, which meant another ambulance ride.  I was finally able to visit with him at that hospital and stayed until visiting hours were over.

Dad is being treated by a group of interns that we've started calling Dr. House's helpers.  They keep asking Dad questions about his health history, what drugs he's taking, what he's feeling, how he felt on his drive home, etc.  Then they go out in the hallway and collaborate.  Quite honestly, Dad is enjoying all of the attention.  I feel pretty confident that this group of young doctors will figure out what is wrong with my dad.  My only wish is that they would do it faster.  I hate seeing my dad in a hospital bed.

Keep Dad in your thoughts and prayers.  He's a strong man, but even the strongest need help.


  1. sending lots of positive thoughts your way, and wishes for a speedy recovery for your Dad (along with some good answers regarding the use of epi!) much love..

  2. Oh gosh, I'm sorry - and I read your most previous about the bacterial infection so I hope they are able to treat it quickly. You know, epi is the devil. Hah! I mean, they never talk about possible side effects, but for me if they use it I have a full-blow panic attack, can't stop crying or shaking, and have hypertension. I can't use it at the dentist anymore. It takes a couple hours and some xanax to bring me down from it.