Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Job Interview

I have a job interview tomorrow.  For a job I applied for in October.  Long before I got pregnant.  But now I feel like I'm caught in the cross hairs.  I know legally they can't discriminate against me because I'm pregnant.  But I'm up against four other people, and I'm sure I'm the only one knocked up, so how hard would it be to not choose me?

Here's another twist to the problem.  I'm interviewing for a job that will be in the same office I'm already in.  However, since I'm a contract worker, it wouldn't simply be moving from one desk to another.  It would mean switching companies.

Also, since I'm already in this office, I hear a lot of the rumors, and right now the man that would be my new supervisor has been complaining about a recent new hire who is pregnant with triplets. (Yes, she was on fertility meds)  He tells anyone who will listen how unfair it was of her to take a job knowing she would be out of the office on maternity leave.  He's especially mad because she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant while she was interviewing (legally you don't have to, btw)

So now, I'm trying to decide how to approach this.  I'm not showing yet (just look chubbier), so I know it's not obvious I'm pregnant.  However, some people at work know, and at least one of them is a blabber mouth, so I'm not sure how many people really know.  Do I go in to the interview and be honest and upfront? Or do I wait until I hear back with a job offer? Or do I not say anything at all?  Pretty soon it will become more obvious that I'm preggers, and I don't know how to deal with that situation while looking for a new job. (I promise I'll write another post letting y'all know why I'm job hunting)

Any advice?


  1. Don't mention it at all, and kick ass at the interview. :)

  2. That's tricky. My advice: don't say anything, but don't try to hide it either. If asked, act like it shouldn't be important. Cuz it's not important, legally-speaking. PS That supervisor is a d*ck and should learn to keep his mouth closed. He could get himself in lots o' trouble.

  3. I work in a human resources department,don't say anything about it. You should be hired based on merit not on your current physical situation. The other supervisor should be reported because he is discriminating and bordering on harassment. Good luck!

  4. I sort of want to kick that supervisor in the man-business. That is absurd, and awful. I think you should go for it. Then you can never wonder what would have happened. :)

  5. I think you should go for it if its really what you want to only other advice would be to think about it in depth because after you have your baby, you're opinion of work might change. You may not want to work full time, you may want more flexibility, or you may want to be a SAHM. That's what happened to me. I was a full time Executive Director and as soon as my daughter arrived I absolutely could not even fathom putting her in daycare. I ended up becoming a SAHM.

    But if you have lots of support and that lifestyle works for you then reach for the stars!!!
    Good luck!

  6. A. Don't say anything. Not required, and they can suck it.

    B. Are you sure you want a supervisor who has already expressed his disappointment in another pregnant coworker? Because I don't think I could handle that AT ALL. I'd wanna smack him knowing what you know right now.