Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catch up

I promise I didn't mean to go this long without updating my blog, but. . . .well I haven't felt like there has been anything really big to write about.

So I guess I should get on to the book rant.  I finished Barbara Delinsky's book "The Woman Next Door" and wow.  I guess I should say that I usually really love her books.  That's why I picked this one up.  It was one that I hadn't read yet, and the books are usually a nice, quick, non-thinking book. (Don't take non-thinking as a bad thing.  Sometimes I need a book that tells me everything without having to figure it out)

This particular Delinsky book dealt with the topic of infertility.  It was written in 2001, so some of the IF lingo wasn't up to date.  The character, Amanda, in the book is going through artificial insemination, rather than IUI.  It wasn't completely accurate as to what happens in treatment's but it was good.  And seriously, it was fiction, so I overlooked problems (like when the author stated that if the AI didn't work, Amanda would have an IUI).

I was doing great right up until the last chapter.  So, let me back up and ruin more of the story for you.  Amanda and Grahm, her husband, decide to take a month break to refocus on their marriage; things have been getting rocky between the two of them.  So, of course during this break, they are acting like a couple of teenagers, and have sex about a billion times.  And I'm sure you see where this is going, but I remained hopeful that it wasn't going to be the sugary sweet conclusion.

But, Interwebs, it was.  The last chapter, Amanda is waiting for AF to arrive so she can restart treatments; she and Grahm are happily in love again.  But wait!  Amanda is waiting for AF to show up, like any good book version of AF would, precisely on the correct day.  Until, she realizes that the day AF was due was yesterday.  So she rushes home, takes a test, and whats that?  It's positive!  It turns out all Amanda and Grahm needed to do was stop trying, and their three years of IF just disappeared. 

I was so mad when I finished this book.  It was perpetuating the idea (that many people who don't have problems conceiving have) that if you just relax, and stop trying, you too will get pregnant!  I know, its a book.  It's fiction, and fiction almost always ends happily ever after.  But seriously, someone out there needs to write a good fiction book about IF.  It can still have a happy ending (in fact, it better), but hopefully will avoid the cliches. 

In other weekend news, I attended a baby shower for a cousin on Saturday.  And it was mostly fun.  I say mostly because I really hate shower games.  The cousin is living in Hawaii due to the military.  We got all of the Utah family together and then brought her to us using skype.  It was a lot of fun.  We'll be shipping her gifts to her Monday.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty low key.  We went out to dinner with some friends of mine from work on Friday.  Saturday morning I spent cleaning the house, Saturday night we watched movies and ate chicken nuggets with another friend couple.  And today?  I've been incredibly lazy and loving every minute of it!


  1. Thanks for the book review. Now I know not to read it. ;)

  2. Ugh, I'm with Marla.z. Thanks for the warning.

    This drives me about as crazy as those Harlequin novels I see in the grocery stores. You know, the ones called "The Greek Billionaire's Baby" or "Pregnant by the Sheik" or "His Majesty's Secret Love Child" where a baby in conceived in a torrid one-night stand and serves as a stupid plot device to bring the gal and guy together.

    I hate it that I even know the outlines of these plots so well. What a waste of brainspace.

  3. I agree!!! If only we all could just relax and quit trying so hard... HAH!

    That is so neat that yall did a skype shower! I myself am a nerd that likes shower games!!! Well some of them at least ;) at the one I threw I did the measure the belly, gift bingo, and where you can't say baby boy or cute and if you do someone steals your clothespin and the person with the most wins. I want someone to throw me a shower!!!