Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm uncoordinated; or Why when Wii Fit asks me if I fall a lot, its correct

Ok, Interwebs, tomorrow I venture into the unknown.

Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment and a consult for accupuncture.  I am so excited, yet so nervous!  I'm not sure if they can start any accupunture for fertility yet as I am on bc pills for the next two weeks, but we'll see.  Mostly, I am hoping the chiropractor can make my back feel better.

Want the story?  I'll give you two versions, short and long, you pick!

Short story on the back: I fell.  Told you it was short.

Long version:  Christmas week last December and I'm racing around trying to visit family, wrap presents, make neighbor treats, and work treats, and generally stay sane in the days before the holiday.  I always try to do to much, and I am a horrible procrastinator, so I usually end up doing everything last minute.

So the Sunday before Christmas my mom calls and wants me down at her house to visit.  But I haven't done my laundry, so I tell her I will visit so long as I can do my laundry down there.  Being the great mom she is, she agrees, and I gather everything up.  Head to the car.  And promptly fall off the front porch because I'm not looking where I'm going.  OUCH.  I go down anyway, spend a lot of time on the couch, and my mom does my laundry, because she's awesome like that.

Fast forward two days to Tuesday.  I wake up and the back pain has almost gone away.  Yeah!  I decide to wear cute shoes to work to celebrate (you can see where this is going right?).  I get all pretty for work, and head down the stairs on the inside of the house, where the cat (who was mad at me for taking his toy away) wedges himself between my feet.  I'm only about halfway down the stairs at this point (and there are 14 of the damn things in our house) and I go down.  Hard.  I tried to grab onto something to stop the fall, but only managed to leave claw marks in the walls.  Poor Mister went flying down the stairs and hit the wall.

My hubby comes running down the stairs, to check on me, and there I am, in a pile on the tile floor, sobbing.  I honestly tried to laugh when I landed, because who falls twice in three days?  But when I opened my mouth to laugh, sobs came out.  Sobs and lots and lots of cuss words.  Mister brought over one of his toys and laid it on my chest and meowed at me (how cute is that?) and my husband picked me up and checked me out.

No blood, so off to work I went.  I was IN PAIN.  All. Day. Long.  But I stayed at work, either because I love my job, or I'm just dumb (hint, it's not the first option).

Now here I am, three months later still in pain.  I went to my primary care dr. and had x-rays done.  Nothing broken.  Got some pain pills (I HATE pain pills) and was told to take it easy.  I called her again and she said if the pain pills weren't working she'd give me muscle relaxants.  Um, no thanks!  So tomorrow, I venture into the unknown.  In an attempt to make myself better without drugs.

Because, honestly, I take enough of them anyway.

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  1. Hi! It's so nice to meet your blog :)

    I threw my back out over Christmas a few years ago. (I too am clumsy) and I was in SO MUCH pain. The pills don't help solve the underlying problem. I would suggest, if you can, go see a physical therapist. It will help A LOT in working out the kinks, and they'll give you exercises you can do at home. It's been 10 years and I still whip out those exercises every once in a while. I tried a chiropractor but it only made my back worse. I would recommend massages and a good physical therapist. Good luck!