Monday, March 22, 2010

My Fur Babies

Ok, I've introduced myself, my husband won't let me tell to much about him, so that leaves my fur children! (Why yes, I am having a hard time thinking of a blog post today, why do you ask?)

Me and my hubby have been married since October 2007.  We bought our house in April of 2008, because I'm spoiled well loved and I wanted a dog.  Not just any dog, but a little black and white shih tzu puppy that I'd already named Moo.  I think once I named it my husband gave up.

Moo is just about the sweetest little guy.  Of course, I can say that now that he's 2 years old.  I can't begin to tell you how many times this little ball of fluff had me in tears the first few months.  I never knew how messy and time consuming a puppy could be!

Anyway, back to the Moo story.  I saw him when he was 3 days old.  A little ball of fur; he weighed less than half a pound!  I started working on my husband, telling him how much I loved Moo.  He started house hunting.  The lady that bred him let us make payments (purebreds are not cheap!) and my husband did some computer work for them to help bring down the cost.  The breeder also kept him an extra two weeks (I visited Moo every weekend) and delivered (delivered!!) him to us the day we moved in to the house.

Tears and frustrations from the first year aside, he's been the best little companion for me, as anyone with a loving pet knows.  But I started to feel bad that my husband didn't have a pet (he's a cat person, but I love him anyway).  So I found him a cat.  A beautiful brown cat, brown eyes, brown whiskers, brown pads on his feet, brown everything.  We named him Charlie (get it, Charlie Brown?) And he was so sweet and loveable.  Until he ran away.  Broke. Our. Hearts.

So a month after Charlie ran away, I decided that we all needed a pick me up.  I was depressed, my husband was depressed, Moo was depressed.  So we went to the pound, and found Mister.  Mister is a great cat, although I think he has species identity issues.  Moo and Mister are best friends, and Mister now thinks he's a dog.  He eats dog food along with his cat food, chews on bones, plays fetch better than Moo, and gives kisses.

These little guys make coming home that much nicer.  I can't wait to come home to a real baby though.  I'm guessing that's even better than the fur kind (but don't tell Moo and Mister)


  1. I love furbabies!!! I'll have to introduce mine soon too!!!

  2. Love your pets! I too have a cat that thinks she is a dog (she plays fetch). And a raccoon (she cleans her food and her toys in the water dish) and a bird (she "tweets" when she jumps and also when she purrs) and a race car (she runs in laps) and a feather (she thinks she weighs nothing!) and a neck scarf ... I could go on and on. But we love her to pieces and she makes us laugh!

    So sorry that Charlie ran away. That is truly heart-breaking. I would be devastated if either of my cats ran away. :-(