Monday, December 27, 2010

The Announcement, Part 2

So after dealing with the bitch we went to the husbands grandmas house.  On the drive up, I was really nervous about what his family was going to say.  I worried that I'd encounter another version of my cousin, and I just knew I wasn't going to be able to handle that.  Finally, I decided that I was going through with it.  The husbands family deserved to know.  And again, if something goes wrong, I want and need their support.

So we get to Grandma's house, and everyone starts unwrapping presents from Grandma, and watching her unwrap the ones we gave her.  The husband gave his mom the package with her ornament in it when we got there, but told her not to open it until we said it was ok.  Soon, all the presents were unwrapped, and we told my MIL to open her gift.  She starts reading it "Cookies in the Oven.  I don't get it"  I told her to keep reading, and she reads "Due in August" and still has this totally confused look on her face.  And then one of the cousins gets it, and looks at me, and I'll be damned if I'm not crying again.  Then someone shouts "Amber's having a baby!!" and everyone starts screaming and running over and hugging me.  And we're all crying and blubbering and making fools of ourselves.  It was a truly special moment.

When everything starts to calm down, I told the ladies in the husbands family about what the cousin said.  They were all justifiably shocked and outraged that she would say such a thing.  I told them how I had gone upstairs and cried, and you know what the husbands Grandma said to me? (excuse me for a second while i wipe my eyes again)

She said, "If we were there, we would have cried with you"  Wow.  Just wow.  Do I have awesome in laws or what?
Ok, tears have dried.  Almost.  Ok, not really.  But here's the third part of the story.

The husbands mom cannot keep a secret.  AT ALL.  Which is part of the reason we announced it at the husbands Grandma's house to begin with.  We figured it would be easier on her if everyone found out at once.

Forgot she had friends.

She's posted a picture of the ornament we gave her on facebook.  The congratulations are coming in and being posted on my wall.  I give up.  It sure is nice to know how many people out there are supporting us.  But I feel like a fraud.  I wanted to (and still will) make my own post describing how amazing a blessing being pregnant is, and how it took so long to get here, but it was worth the struggle and all that.  I worry that other friends of mine that are struggling are feeling the pain of another announcement.  But I'm just not ready to go that public.  People can assume at this point, but until I see a heartbeat, I'm staying quiet on facebook.


  1. Aww, man, I'm damn near blubbering now! LOL.

    I'm sorry about the FB whoopsie. I have a theory - if I haven't seen it on FB yet, it's not safe to post something, LOL. The dangers of social networking. And when you are ready, you will put it out there. When do you have your u/s?

  2. SOOOOOOO sweet that your in-laws reacted that way. I'm so angry about that darn cousin. What a b*&^.

    If you start deleting their fb wall posts, maybe they'll get the idea to not write anything anymore? That's what I'd do. Definitely would NOT fb announce just yet.

  3. I'm so glad you got the support you needed from your in-laws!! They sound like awesome people. I forgot to ask you on your other post, what did your mom do after cousin said what she said? I think I would have kicked her out of the house if at all possible.

    Sorry about FB... sometimes I hate that site.

  4. His grandma's reaction is so sweet :) I'm glad you found support!