Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NuMom2B Study - UPDATED

Ok, I'm putting this out there interwebs, because I can't really make up my mind.  I received an information pamphlet at my first prenatal visit about this study.  The study is to help determine why many first time moms have complications.  I looked through the brochure and saw one great plus, three free ultrasounds!

I sent off an email to the study leader asking for more information.  I received an answer today.  Basically they would have me go in for three extra visits and they would collect blood, urine and vaginal secretions (their words, not mine) and then do an ultrasound.  Then at the time of delivery (please let us make it that far) they would collect a sample of the placenta and cord blood.  They provide compensation up to $50, and they say there are no risks involved.  The study would not directly benefit me, but it could help new moms in the future.

So what do you think?  Part of me is thinking "Yes! Go for it! Help other women! Plus get to see the baby more often!" and the other part of me is thinking "Wait.  Just because they say there are no risks, doesn't mean something bad won't happen.  Do you dare risk the baby for $50?"

Gah!  I'm so torn!
OK, after reading the comments from Robin and Kakuna, I realized I'm probably way over-thinking this whole thing and responded back to the study coordinator.  Now I guess we wait and see!


  1. It sounds like super low risk. I would do it if it was me, but you have to do whatever you are comfortable with. Seeing the baby is very addictive as you will soon find out!

  2. Ummm, it sounds fine, don't really see any risks, and u/s???? Hell yeah!

  3. I used to work with clinical research (pharmaceutical for mood disorders, but still). It's a great way to get free treatment and u/s and you're helping people in the process. :) Totally go for it.

  4. It is a win win situation-this is a 10,000 woman study that the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is sponsoring to learn more about Preterm birth and to Help moms have healthy babies and stay healthy themselves.You cannot change medicine without doing the science. 1st time moms comprise about 40% of the pregnant population and of those around 12% may have problems.This study is looking at everything of the 1st time mom's environment to her chemical makeup--so much to learn. If you know what normal is then you would know what abnormal is.It is considered miminal risk and all eyes would be watching you .What a great way to network. It is a great way for you to learn more about yourself,your pregnancy, and help the future. Your children would benefit from a study this large and the information it would find. If they saw anything on the ultrasound they would not keep it from you.That ulrasound time is so exciting to see the baby in real time- wow!In the study you're only a number and everything is confidential. What you are doing for the community of 1st time moms and their babies is priceless.You will enjoy this study and others can learn from you.