Thursday, December 9, 2010

We interupt this blog to bring you a cycle update

I came to the conclusion at lunch today that I haven't blogged about this cycle. . . Hmm (checking blog posts). . . apparently I haven't told you anything about my cycle for awhile.  What kind of infertility blog is this anyway?

Today we are beginning week two of the dreaded two week wait.  Do I feel positive about this cycle?  Yes and no.  We BD on time, but with the husbands SA results being inconclusive, that kind of throws a damper in the whole thing.

Wait, what do you mean I didn't tell you about the SA?  I could have sworn I wouldn't have let something that big slip!  I did?  Well, here's the quick version.  My doctor offers to do an in office analysis for free.  FREE.  Yes, it doesn't go into as many details as the professional ones, but we figured we'd take him up on it, because, FREE.  The doc said the numbers looked good, but that the viscosity worried him.  Dr. Google told me that if the fluid is too thick after a certain amount of time, it doesn't matter how many swimmers you have, they can't get free.  So, we have a script for a new SA, at an andrology lab.  Sigh.  It will be $145, not covered by insurance (big surprise, eh?).  $20 of that $145 is for the sample cup.  I, obviously, am in the wrong business.

Let's add that to the fact that by switching to my husbands insurance, the drugs for the month jumped from $25 to $150.  For ten little pills.  Yes, I know I was spoiled before.  I realize that having insurance cover any part of IF is a miracle.  But really?  Ouch!  I cried at the beginning of this cycle, not because I wasn't pregnant, but because of the increase in medication cost!  Ok, and maybe a little because I wasn't pregnant.

So there it is, my cycle in review.  AF is scheduled to arrive Saturday or Sunday.  I'm already having cramps, which is just annoying.  I've got my money saved up for the next round of drugs, in case it didn't take this month.  And, I figured out we'll be ovulating around Christmas next cycle.  Wouldn't that be an awesome present?


  1. Insurance blows. I had NO idea that viscosity was looked at! Hmm, I hope it isn't really an issue for you! HUGS.

  2. We got pregnant while waiting for E's SA to come back so I reallly hope that happens for you too! Fingers crossed my love!